LUMINEQ Displays hosts sixth annual Distributor Meeting

June 13, 2018

Lumineq® hosted its sixth annual Distributor Meeting at the Lumineq Displays facilities in Espoo, Finland. Distributors gathered from all parts of the world to meet and discuss the strengthened global presence of the company.

It was a great opportunity for the entire group to reflect on the steady progress made, and to share news about the latest Lumineq products.

The sixth annual Distributor Meeting at the Lumineq Displays
facilities in Espoo, Finland

Transparent electroluminescent displays (TASEL®)

TASEL Product Manager Jani Aho shared information about the latest Lumineq transparent display demos available for example for optical applications and for heads-up displays (HUD). He also introduced the new Lumineq Bus Adapter and the Lumineq Touch solution for segment displays. Lumineq Touch is based on a unique In-Cell PCAP technology.


In-glass laminated displays (IGLT)

IGLT Product Manager Olli Pekonen shared details about new partnerships for in-glass laminated display products, and also underlined that Lumineq transparent displays are still the only displays in the market which:

  • withstand industrial lamination processes
  • can be laminated into real-life glazings, and
  • are daylight readable.

The new Lumineq ELT160.60.100-07NC transparent thin film electroluminescent
matrix display

Learn more about the Lumineq in-glass laminated displays for car side windows using Corning® Gorilla® Glass and made in cooperation with Magna, AGP, and PPD.

Lumineq thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays

TFEL Product Manager Pauli Aaltonen shared news about the new Lumineq  EL320.240.36-HB TI SPI CC display, which has:

  • tempered glass (Gorilla glass) for improved damage resistance
  • ITO glass for EMI/RFI shield and Cr/NiV edge
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) bus for display interfacing
  • Conformal Coating (CC) to protect electronic circuitry against moisture, dust and chemicals

He also shared news about even wider temperature ranges for selected Lumineq TFEL display models. An example of the extended temperature ranges was the new revision D display  EL640.480-AF1 ET with:

  • operating survival temperature range of -60 to +105 °C
  • operating, continuous use temperature range of -60 to +85 °C
  • storage temperature range of -60 to +110 °C

New extended temperature ranges D display  EL640.480-AF1 ET

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