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Top 5 guidelines for designing transparent vehicle displays

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With transparent displays you can break design boundaries of conventional vehicles by turning any glass surface, such as windshields, side windows or doors, into an interactive see-through display. 

Both functionality and transparency of these displays are reaching new heights and they can improve information flow, safety, ergonomics, situational awareness and overall user experience. As exciting as these unlimited possibilities are, they also create a new need for understanding and embracing the benefits of see-through displays. This eBook will provide you with ideas, inspiration, basic guidelines and industry examples for designing transparent displays for vehicles – from cars, tractors and ships to aircraft. 

In our eBook, we use five industry examples to illustrate the basic guidelines in designing transparent vehicle displays. 

  • Improving traffic safety with fully utilized bus windshields
  • Car service information on side windows
  • Improved ergonomics for heavy-duty vehicles
  • Saving space in aircraft
  • World-class user experience in cars

Demos showcased at Embedded World

Lumineq Displays exhibited at Embedded World 2019 and showcased future use cases where  you can turn any glass such as windshields, side windows, or cabin windows into an interactive see-through displays. Our partner NXP demonstrated a high-end cockpit that includes two Lumineq displays that sync information with the cluster and infotainment using CAN interface. Check out those demos from the videos below.


More information, please visit http://beneq.com/en/events/lumineq-embedded-world-2019

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