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The LUMINEQ® Rugged Electroluminescent Displays tolerate extreme conditions such as cold, pressure, shock and vibrations better than any other display type.




Wide temperature range

Works in operating temperature range: from -60 °C to 105 °C.

Insant on

Instant on

<1 ms response time regardless of temperature.

Earthquake resistance

Shock and vibration tolerant

200 g force shock durability for the glass and 100 g for the complete unit.

long lifetime 20 years

Long lifetime and availability

Over 20 years of product life. Long-term availability.

lifeime brightness

Lifetime brightness

85% of original brightness remains after 100 000 hours of usage.

179 viewing angle

>179° viewing angle

High contrast and wide viewing angle. 

LUMINEQ® Rugged Display Models

Model Matrix Size Interface
EL40S 40 segments 1" SPI
EL160.80.50-ET 160 x 80 3.5" 4-bit
EL160.80.50-ET SPI 160 x 80 3.5" SPI
EL160.120.39 160 x 120 3.1" 4-bit
EL160.120.39-SPI 160 x 120 3.1" SPI
EL240.128.45 240 x128 4.8" 8-bit µP, RAiO RA8835A display controller
EL320.240.36 320 x 240 5.7" 4-bit
EL320.240.36-HB 320 x 240 5.7" 4-bit
EL320.240.36-HB SPI 320 x240 5.7" SPI
EL320.256-FD6 320 x 256 4.8" 1-bit
EL240.128.45-EC 240 x 128 4.8" 8-bit µP, EPSON S1D13700 display controller

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