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In-glass display on F150 windshield

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Hyperformance® Glass Products is an American based company offering custom glass solutions for the enthusiast market. Their mission is to improve the lives of their customers by providing an added layer of Toughness, Comfort, Quality, and Technology to their everyday glass products.


Hyperformance Glass Products (HGP) unveiled super tough Ford F-150 windshield featured with LUMINEQ in-glass head-up display at SEMA Show 2019.

LUMINEQ head up display on Ford F150 windsiheld 5 1920x1080
HGP was showing off the toughness of Gorilla Glass by firing frozen balls of ice at 70 miles an hour to the F-150 windshield with laminated LUMINEQ display inside. It lasted for three days and there was no damage. The test was to demonstrate the resilience of the windshield and the in-glass head-up display against road impacts.

originally from news "2019 SEMA trade show highlights new tech and safety products"

LUMINEQ transparent display has been laminated in the windshield as digital gauges in glass. It is protected by the windshield, which has been tested and proven to be 2.5x tougher than a traditional soda-lime windshield. In certain instances where the glass has broken with LUMINEQ display in it, the display is still working. So even if the exterior glass does break, our technology is still robust enough to function.

The transparent in-glass display shows three gauges side by side. The top left displays transmission temperature and water temperature. In the middle, it can be RPM or speed. And then on the far right is oil pressure. Booth visitors were excited about it because they haven't seen this technology in glass before. So what typically happens is there's a projected HUD which takes up between seven and nine liters of space in the dashboard. So lots of space, lots of programming. It has to be tuned. Before with projected HUD technology, the driver had to be in a sweet spot in order to see it. With ours, there's no sweet spot.
LUMINEQ head up display on Ford F150 windsiheld 4 1920x1080 (1)
Automotive customers are looking forward to integrating it into future vehicles as part of their aftermarket upgrades to their vehicles. We've been manufacturing displays for over 35 years and a lot of our displays in the past for military and medical applications. It's perfect for automotive applications as well.

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