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Transparent head-up displays

Head-up displays (HUDs) provide drivers with the eyes-on-the-road benefit for improved safety and ergonomics. We offer an emissive transparent display solution that doesn't require a projection system, or a combiner, or a special windshield. It can be used not only for cars but also for commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles, such as buses, trucks, trains, trams, boats, and industrial machines where it's challenging to use a projected HUD.

There are two versions of LUMINEQ HUDs: stand-alone or laminated HUD. 

Stand-alone HUD

Vehicle manufacturers can place our transparent display in front of the windshield as a stand-alone head-up display.  The display is crystal as glass with over 80% of transparency thus will not block the driver's view. A cover glass will be added to make the display sturdy and resistant to environments. The thickness of the cover glass can be customized to fit individual needs.



In-Glazing laminated HUD

The other unique option is to laminate our thin-film transparent display in the glass/plastic windshield.  It works with any windshields, saves space and may also bring the cost down. The transmission of our displays is over 70% when laminated. Check out how LUMINEQ display is laminated in glass or polycarbonate.



Benefits of LUMINEQ Transparent Displays

Transparency > 70%

Over 70% of the transmission meets the automotive industry standard. Good clarity and minimum haze.

Vertical installation

There is no angle limitation for the display setup as the projected HUD. It works with 90° vertical windshields.


Inorganic solid-state design to tolerate shock, vibration, humidity, solar load, and extreme temperatures. 


Simplified setup and compact electronics, taking only 0.3L space from the dashboard, 20-30 times less than a projected HUD.

360° viewing angle

Wide viewing angle from any direction from both inside and outside of the vehicle. 

Fully customizable

Freedom to design the type, size, and shape of the display, or even to drill. Click to request a custom display.

Demo products

We offer off-the-shelf demo products for concepting, prototyping, and evaluation purposes. Leave your email address below and receive the list of standard products.

Lumineq demo product at embedded world


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