Transparent displays


Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

>80% transparency for segment displays and ~70% transparency for matrix

360 Viewing angle

360° viewing angle

Wide viewing angle from any direction. The information can be displayed on both sides.

Touch enabled


The touch sensors are integrated directly in the functional display layer.

In glass laminated

Laminatable in glass or plastic

Can be laminated in glass or polycarbonate.

Fully customizable

Fully Customizable

Freedom to design the type, size, and shape of the display, or even to drill.

Earthquake resistance


Inorganic solid-state design to tolerate shock, vibration, and extreme weathers.

Demo Products

We offer off-the-shelf matrix and segmented demo products for concepting, prototyping, and evaluation purposes. Click here to learn the difference between segmented and matrix displays. 

Transparent display demos

Watch the video and check out more demos that showcase the features of LUMINEQ transparent displays, such as high transparency, humidity resistant, customizability. Once the project goes to the mass production phase, we work closely with you to create custom displays. 

Pros and cons of four transparent display technologies 

In this video, the Ph.D. researcher Jose Rosa delves into the pros and cons of the main transparent technology displays: transparent head-up displays, LCDs, OLEDs and transparent electroluminescent technology. This research is conducted for the ImmerSAFE project, "Immersive Visual Technologies for Safety-critical Applications". Read our blog for the full analysis.


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