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Transparent displays

LUMINEQ transparent displays make a great differentiator when you want to create a unique look and conveys a message of premium quality products.

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Scope 960x960
Azena 960x960
bus 960x960

In-glass displays

LUMINEQ in-glass laminated displays (IGLD) empower you to wow your customers by turning glass windows into see-through interactive displays.

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temperature 100x100-v2


Operates reliably from -60 °C to 105 °C.

Insant on

Instant on

<1 ms response time regardless of temperature.

Earthquake resistance

Vibration tolerant

Inorganic design for vibration and shock tolerant.

long lifetime 20 years

Long lifetime

Over 20 years of product lifetime.


LUMINEQ® Thin Film Electroluminescent (TFEL) displays are self-emissive inorganic displays, which are not affected by environment. They comprise a solid-state glass panel, an electronic control circuit and a power supply.

The circuit board, which contains the drive and control electronics, is connected directly to the back of the glass panel. A pixel on the display is lit by applying voltage to the row and column electrodes, thus causing the area of intersection to emit light. Read more about our technology.

View comparison report: LUMINEQ vs other displays

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This is how we can help you.

1 Specification

Send us your request. Our specialists will work closely with you to define the specifications and give you proposals based on your needs.

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2 Concepting

Pick one of our standard demo displays for evaluation or concepting, or proof of concept. We can also tailor a custom demonstrator to match your need.

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3 Customization

The size, shape, interface, design of the display can all be customized. The best way to start is to submit the configurator form to request a custom display.

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4 Production

We provide a full display solution that includes glass, connection to the glass, and driving electronics. We will support you throughout the lifetime of the display products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How are your displays different from OLED?

LUMINEQ displays are inorganic and solid-state. Unlike other types of displays including OLED, our displays are not affected by environments such as extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, or humidity. They have over 20 years of product lifetime.... We also offer the world's most transparent displays with up to 85% transparency and 360° viewing angle. See more

How transparent is your display?

LUMINEQ transparent segmented displays have over 80% transparency and matrix 70%. When laminated in glass, the transparency is 70%.

Do your displays have touch functionality?

Yes. The touch sensors are integrated directly in the functional display layer.

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