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Transparent displays for rangefinders

Superior transparent displays providing illuminated reticles for rangefinders  

Rangefinders enable hunters to better understand their surroundings and improve hunting accuracy. The reticle display of the rangefinder plays an important role in enabling an clear and easy target acquisition and readouts in different conditions .

The LUMINEQ electroluminescent transparent display is emissive, features over 90% high transmission with superior optical quality and a wide adjustable brightness range. It allows rangefinders to display illuminated reticles and readouts clearly in all lighting situations, from daytime to low light conditions. The display can also be used at night with image intensification and night vision. 

Compared to similar OLEDs or LCDs, the inorganic solid-state characteristic of the display makes it uniquely transparent and immune to environmental factors like humidity, temperature, shock and vibration. The electroluminescent display technology has been used and validated by military grade applications for more than 30 years and the ruggedness is second to none. 

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Adjustable brightness

Adjustable brightness from a few nits to thousands. Works from daylight to dark conditions.

Optical uniformity & High transmission

Crystal clear

Clear as glass with over 90% transparency, good optical clarity with minimum haze.  

Earthquake resistance


Inorganic solid-state design to tolerate shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures from -100°C to 105°C.



< 1 ms response time regardless of ambient temperature (-100°C to 105°C).


Low power consumption

Self-emissive technology. Power consumption is as low as a few milliwatts. 

Fully customizable

Fully customizable

Offer fully custom reticle designs and cost-efficient standardized driver board.



ELT32S-RETICLE-BAT is a LUMINEQ technology demonstrator for optical device manufacturers. It enables manufacturers to easily evaluate and prototype LUMINEQ displays in existing optical systems for proof of concept and real-world testing of the technology. Learn more.


ELT119S-RETICLE is a mass production-ready digital reticle display unveiled at Shot Show 2022. It has a comprehensive reticle design, which includes BDC reticle with Christmas tree-shaped holdover dots, dynamic drop dot and range information. Learn more.

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