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Display use cases

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LUMINEQ transparent displays can be laminated in the windshields of a car as an alternative space-saving solution to the typical HUD. As autonomous driving era comes, the in-glass messages can also greatly improve safety by displaying information to pedestrians.

In-glass touch displays also make it possible to unlock a shared car by typing the access code directly on the side window. 



Deliver premium vehicle experience with smart windows that display dynamic service information such as transportation price list, estimated time of arrival of the destination, and outdoor temperature. Or add functions to vehicle windows that otherwise would need a physical control panel for, such as controlling the dimming. 

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Displaying critical information inside a windshield, in the line of sight, is a major safety and ergonomics improvement for industrial vehicle operators. This is where a typical projector-based head-up display (HUD) would not work, but an in-glass display would solve the problem. 


Lumineq transparent displays can be used as a great addition to optical devices, from range finders, scopes and head-mounted displays to telescopes. By bringing digital information in the line of sight, transparent displays elevate user experience and situational awareness of optical devices to a whole new level. 

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LUMINEQ rugged displays are perfect inside aircraft, armored vehicles, naval ships and other applications where robustness is required. Our reliable and rugged displays can also be placed outside aircraft fleets, ships, and vehicles as they can endure wide temperature ranges, humidity, and vibrations.

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