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Transparent Touch Displays

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Benefits of LUMINEQ touch displays

LUMINEQ offers the world's most transparent touch displays that can be laminated in glass, turning windows and glass doors into interactive smart screens, enabling invisible function controls without a need for extra space. 

Break the traditional design boundary and utilize every piece of glass to its full potential, you will wow your customers and stand out from the competition.

Let it be a transparent keypad for access control to vehicles, office rooms, and premises, or an in-glass light control system, or an embedded transparent control panel to dim your car windows.

LUMINEQ enables you to utilize every piece of glass to its full potential, to break the traditional design boundary, to wow your customers, and to stand out from the competition. 


Touch enabled


The touch sensors are integrated directly in the functional display layer. So no additional touch layer is required.

Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

>80% transparency for segment displays and ~70% transparency for matrix

In glass laminated

In-Glass Laminated

Increased situational awareness, safety and ergonomics when laminated in glass.



Touch display has been engineered to work in the rain and extreme temperatures. Watch video.


Fully customizable

Fully Customizable

Freedom to design the type, size, and shape of the display, or even to drill. Request your own custom display.

Earthquake resistance


Inorganic solid-state design to tolerate shock, vibration, and extreme weathers. Read more.

Demo Products

We offer custom transparent touch products to tailor your needs. We are also developing the following off-the-shelf demo products for concepting, prototyping, and evaluation purposes. Please contact us for price and availability.  

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Transparent touch display for automotive industry

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