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Display Products and Applications

LUMINEQ product overview

To display the information that matters where it matters, LUMINEQ offers reliable solutions for any conditions with three product lines: Rugged Displays, Transparent Displays, and In-Glass Displays.

LUMINEQ for optical devices

LUMINEQ transparent display can be placed straight to the optical path showing dynamic information, and requires no extra space. Read more.

LUMINEQ for transportation

Prepare for the era of autonomous driving, Electronic vehicles, and the sharing economy with futuristic display technology available today.


LUMINEQ In-glass displays enable smart windows in vehicles to show critical information to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians or provide functions that otherwise need a physical control panel. Embrace the magic of transparency!

LUMINEQ powered smart windows

Lumineq Displays exhibited at Embedded World 2019 and showcased the magic of turning side windows and cabin windows into interactive displays.

Water-resistant touch display

The new technology enables manufacturers to transform any glass surface into an interactive transparent touch display. LUMINEQ displays are all fully customizable to meet unique end-product specifications.

Transparent Display ELT78S-HUD-CAN

ELT78S-HUD-CAN transparent display demonstrator is designed for head-up display applications. 78 segments, over 80% of transparency, and CAN interface.


ELT120S-MultiGauge for HUD application

ELT120S-MultiGauge is a segmented transparent display demonstrator to help you to evaluate the unique capabilities of transparent LUMINEQ® displays.

Demo product showreel

At Hannover 2019, we showed a set of off-the-shelf demo products for evaluation, concepting, and prototyping purposes.  

Pros and cons of different transparent displays

This comparison of different transparent display technologies is conducted by the Ph.D. reseracher Jose Rosa for the ImmerSAFE project

Lamination Introduction Package

The lamination endeavor usually starts with a pilot using a LUMINEQ Display Lamination Introduction Package (we call it "LIP"). Check out what's in the LIP package.

LUMINEQ vs LCD at -40ºC

See how a LUMINEQ rugged display and an industrial-grade LCD display performed in a test in -40ºC in the cold chamber.

Customer and Partner Cases

Valtra SmartGlass powered by LUMINEQ

Valtra has become the first tractor manufacturer in the world to unveil a windscreen display - LUMINEQ transparent display laminated in glass.

NXP showcased HUD at Embedded World 2019

Using CAN interface, transparent displays can be used in multiple places in the car to sync information and extend the functionality of the cluster and infotainment.

Smart CAB by CAB Concept Cluster

The CAB Concept Cluster introduced in Agritechnica the Smart CAB, a multifunctional cabin for smart farming equipment, with LUMINEQ transparent displays integrated in the cabin.

Pilkington introduces transparent multi-purpose display

The new smart windshield includes an in-glass laminated matrix display that can show content both to the inside and to the outside of the vehicle cabin.

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