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Maglev train dimmable windows


China's high-speed 600km/h maglev train rolled off the production line in July 2022. It is the world's fastest ground vehicle full of futurist technologies, developed by CRRC Qingdao Sifang along with more than 30 companies, universities, and research institutes. 



LUMINEQ transparent touch display are used by the customer for dimming the cabin windows.

Traditional high-speed trains use physical visors for the cabin windows, which leaves the passengers only two options: block the sun, or let it in. It doesn't allow you to choose how much sunlight to come through. The new maglev train adopted dimmable windows and desired for an innovative way to control the dimming. Instead of installing a physical control panel which takes up space, they chose to use the LUMINEQ transparent display technology to digitalize the dimming process. By laminating a piece of transparent display in glass, they turn ordinary cabin windows into dimmable smart windows. It looks cool, saves space, and integrates seamlessly with any interior design. 

Passengers can manually adjust the amount of coming-through sunlight by pressing the lit-up buttons "+" or "-" on the window glass. The transparent displays are embedded in glass, as rugged as the four-layer glass itself. It is also possible to set up the touch display to adjust automatically according to the travel routes. 

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