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Professional HUD for tractors. Valtra SmartGlass Display.


To improve safety, ergonomics and situation awareness in vehicle cockpits while operating a tractor even in most demanding agricultural conditions. The solution was to be aligned with Valtra's vision of Smart Farming Solutions and to be compatible with the existing SmartTouch 9” touchscreen terminal.


Since 1951 Valtra has been developing and tailoring, bespoke, driver-centric tractor technologies for a wide range of agricultural applications. Valtra tractors and services are recognized for their reliability, versatility, durability and Nordic roots.

Valtra became the first tractor manufacturer in the world to unveil a transparent windscreen display into serial production.


LUMINEQ and Valtra engineered a professional head-up display (HUD). The end product is a LUMINEQ transparent display laminated between two glass surfaces (Tractor Windshield). This makes the solution extremely durable and suitable for demanding operation conditions of agricultural machinery.

Valtra SmartGlass improves vehicle safety and ergonomics, allowing the operator to see vital information while keeping he's view on the work (line of sight) as well as not missing out any crucial information due to information overload. The information displayed on the windshield includes: machine or engine speed, the temperature of engine/hydraulics, position information of front loader, height position, fuel/def level, and several other machine data.

“The SmartGlass screen is positioned low enough so that it does not get in the way when it is not needed, while at the same time making it easier to see the information without taking your eyes off the task at hand,” says Finnish cattle farmer Jarno Halinen.

Transparent LUMINEQ displays improve safety, ergonomics and efficiency for professional vehicles, while empowering Smart Glass functionalities with extremely high transparency. LUMINEQ transparent displays are rugged and tolerate extreme conditions such as cold, pressure, shock and vibrations better than any other display type. All LUMINEQ displays can be customized based on the manufacturer’s requirements.

Both Valtra and LUMINEQ are recognized for their product endurance, reliability and versatility which made the co-operation seamless straight from day 1. 

Valtra SmartGlass showcased at Agritechnica

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