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Displays for Industrial Use

In-Glass HUD to enhance operator ergonomics and safety

The instrument clusters in front of the wheel in an industrial machine provide lots of information for the operator to monitor. But it is challenging for the operators to look down and check information all the time while having to keep eyes on the filed. What if we bring the most crucial information to the line of sight of the operators? In that way, they don't need to move their heads often but concentrate on operations.  



Lumineq transparent display-Excavator-960x640

The traditional projector-based head-up solution that is adopted by cars requires extra space and a small angle between the windshield and the projector, which makes it impossible to use in an industrial machine with very limited space and a steep windshield. However, by laminating Lumineq transparent display in the windshield, important information can be shown directly on the windshield in front of the operator.

By knowing the speed of the engine, the temperature of the engine, information on the position of the front loader, height of the implement in real-time without turning head, the operator can certainly perform their job better, improve productivity, and reduce risk factors and injury rate, which eventually results in lower cost.

The in-glass display can also give in-time warning signs to operators, for instance, obstacle warning in situations of reduced visibility, or warning for driving situations with a steep slope, or when there are people close to the tractor during work maneuvers. 

Displaying information to people outside the machine

While displaying information to the operator inside the cab is critical, the information displayed on the windshield can also be flipped over and shown to people outside the tractor. This function can be useful to the operator who needs to step out of the cab to fill fuel or check the loads. He can see the amount of fuel filled and the weight of the loads directly on the windshield without going into the cab from where he is. The display can also display warning signs to people when they are close to the tractor during work maneuvers to avoid accidents. By displaying information in both people inside the cab and outside the tractor, safety is significantly improved. 


Valtra tractor on show at Agritechnica 2017



Proven in the field

This simple but high-tech-powered in-glass display solution has been adopted by our customer Valtra, who unveiled the world's first tractor with a windscreen display at Agritechnica exhibition in 2017. “Electronic inputs activate symbols in the membrane. This technique is extremely reliable in even the most demanding conditions,” explains Petri Hannukainen, PhD and Research and Advanced Engineering Team Lead from Valtra

Rugged displays for harsh environments

Since 1984, the Lumineq Displays have been renowned for reliable performance in any harsh environments, tolerating extreme temperatures, pressure, vibrations, and shock. They have instant pixel response and no motion blur at temperatures ranging from -60 ºC to +105 ºC. 

If you are looking for a durable display for outdoor instrumentation, oil, industrial, mining and construction, LUMINEQ rugged displays are your perfect choice trusted by many industrial customers.

Lumineq rugged display-extreme cold-960x640

Operates reliably from -60 ºC to +105 ºC


Shock and vibration resistant

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