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Displays for mission-critical applications

LUMINEQ rugged displays are perfect for aircraft, armored vehicles, naval ships and other applications where robustness is required.

Since 1984, they have been renowned for reliable performance in any harsh environments, tolerating extreme temperatures, pressure, vibrations, and shock. They have instant pixel response and no motion blur at temperatures ranging from -60 ºC to +105 ºC. 

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Instant-ON and no motion blur at -60 ºC

Lumineq rugged displays have an instant response in the entire temperatures rang from -60 °C to +105 °C (-76 °F to +221 °F). 

The displays can be placed outside aircraft fleets, ships, and vehicles to ensure that you get accurate information in any harsh conditions, as they endure the extremely cold or hot environment, humidity, shock, and vibrations.

You can rely on LUMINEQ electroluminescent displays

The technology behind our displays has been tested and meets demanding and highlt regulated industry requirements. The durability of embedded electroluminescent displays is proven by surviving up to 200 g-force shock and a staggering 250,000 hour mean time between failures (MTBF) for the display glass. Our displays are built to last. The product lifetime is over 20 years. 

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