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Virtual exhibition - LUMINEQ at Emebdded World Digital 2021

March 15, 2021

Virtual exhibition - LUMINEQ at Emebdded World Digital 2021

Embedded World 2021 was quite different from our experience in the previous years since it was held as a completely digital event for the first time. LUMINEQ virtual booth will be available until June. Here is a recap of what we presented during the event. 

Water-resistant touch display

We are proud to have tested our new water-resistant touch technology worldwide together with world-known brands. New touch demos are in development.


  • Transparent touch display ready for lamination into your larger piece of glass
  • 12 buttons and 4 x 7-digit segments
  • Interface of the display is CAN

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  • Transparent touch display ready for lamination into your larger piece of glass
  • 12 arrows, + and – signs, number 1, 2x7-segment digits, percentage sign
  • Interface of the display is CAN

In-Glass transparent display for HUD in vehicles

By laminating a thin-film transparent display in glass, the information can be shown directly on the windshield without any extra setups. Compared to a projected HUD, in-glass display requires a simpler setup and less space.

The transparency of LUMINEQ in-glass displays is over 70%, 


ELT78S-HUD-CAN is an updated version of ELT78S-HUD, which is a designed for head-up display application. The interface is CAN.


Optics application and demo

We have worked closely with leading optical device manufacturers to further develop and test our transparent display solutions. 

Technology demo ELT32S-RETICLE-BAT is available.


  • Transparent reticle display demonstrator for telescopic sight applications
  • 32 individually addressable segments – Range by numeric values, crosshair (10 or 20 μm) and drop dots.
  • Traditional chrome reticle as an option
  • Scripted demo modes and brightness control with a trim knob interface


We organized five round table sessions (four in English and one in German) to present our transparent display solutions for vehicles and optical devices. Those sessions have been recorded. Contact us if you would like to watch any of the recorded videos. The list of the sessions can be found from the link here.

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