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Webinar - LUMINEQ transparent displays for optical devices

Join us on Wednesday, January 20

We at LUMINEQ were really looking forward to meeting you at Shot Show 2021 and discuss about the leap we have made in our transparent display technology. Unfortunately, the event has been cancelled due to the global pandemic. 


We are organizing a dedicated webinar for manufacturers of shooting, hunting and night vision devices. The online webinar will take place on the 20th of January at 16:00 Central European time (10AM Eastern Standard time).


Augmented reality (AR) in optical devices is achieved by overlaying digital information to the line of sight. The AR is enabled with a display overlay on the existing lens system showing mission-critical information, such as heading, speed, attitude, location and distance to the target. This digital information is crucial for making an informed decision.


On Wednesday, January 20th, Business Line Manager Jani Aho and Head of Sales Jere Manninen will cover the global trends in the transparent display for optical devices market and answer your questions related to our transparent displays for optical devices.


Fill out the form beneath in order to register to the free webinar and leave your questions to our experts that will be answered during the webinar.


What you will learn

  • The unique perspective LUMINEQ brings to optical devices
  • Latest innovations of LUMINEQ optical technology and what to expect in 2021
  • LUMINEQ optical technology VS competing technologies

LUMINEQ benefits for optical devices

  • Transparent display in the line of sight
  • Most durable display on the market
  • Optical uniformity and elimination of glare
  • Simplified design compared to projective type of solutions

Interested in the webinar recording?

The webinar was successfully held. If you have missed the webinar, read our blog post that summarized the key take-aways of the webinar. You can also fill the form below and request the webinar recording. We will review your request and get back to you as soon as possible. 

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