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ELT32S Demo
Reticle Transparent Display
Lumineq technology for optical market
Line of sight 1


The ELT32S-RETICLE-BAT is a transparent reticle display demonstrator that comes with a segment design developed specifically for telescopic sight applications.

Due to the unique optical and perfomance characteristics, Lumineq transparent displays technology overlays information with the line of sight. Bringing digital information to assist with the decision making.

Product Features:

  • Turnkey demonstrator consisting of transparent reticle display with flex and driving electronics with casing.
  • 32 individually addressable segments – Range by numeric values, crosshair (10 or 20 μm) and drop dots.
  • Traditional chrome reticle as an option
  • Scripted demo modes and brightness control with a trim knob interface
  • Fully transparent, round-shaped reticle display glass is integration-ready with optical devices.
  • Fully customizable: Glass size, shape, coating, segment design and contacting. Driving electronics, interface and flex design.
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Scopes, Night Vision Goggles, Range finders, Headsets



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