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WOW – Look at that display!

May 8, 2017

WOW – Look at that display!

One of the cornerstones of Beneq’s Lumineq display strategy are customized transparent displays. The thin, durable and transparent Lumineq displays are well-suited for a wide variety of specialty display applications. Today, we list some of the most important characteristics that turn innovative designs with transparency requirements into reality.

Premium transparent displays and displays in window glass

Customized transparent Lumineq displays are frameless display glasses without a bezel – when turned off, they look just like a piece of glass with some electronics attached to the side.

Create a unique layered see-through experience

The fact that the Lumineq displays are thin and clear as glass enables new design options where several display and light components can work simultaneously on top of each other, providing a unique see-through user experience. The optical clarity of the Lumineq displays lets the foundation material shine through, and the display itself can be covered with a variety of materials.

The coating options are almost indefinite: Use specialty glass for lightweight solutions and resistance against scratches and wear, and special coatings for increased hygiene, anti-reflective finishes, or glass strengthening and damage resistance (you can find more information about Beneq glass coatings from our thin film industry application pages).

Display applications that have not been possible before

With transparent displays, designers can create applications with a sleek contemporary look that conveys a feeling of premium high-tech value. This helps in creating a unique brand identity and offers a possibility to stand out from competitors. 

Our customers have also embraced the fact that Lumineq displays can be easily customized. The displays glass can be drilled or cut to custom sizes and forms to fulfill any design requirements.

Applications are many, ranging from unique design elements and differentiators in high-end products to any piece of glass benefiting from a user interface.

The high transparency of Lumineq displays brings new possibilities to optical applications, from binoculars and periscopes to range finders and night vision equipment. Transparent displays also help bridge the gap between the digital and traditional analog worlds. We have already seen analogue meters and gauges with transparent display overlays for additional digital information.

Exciting new options for architecture and window design

Transparent displays are great for unlocking new capabilities and applications where displays are combined with glass surfaces. Lumineq displays can be laminated on and inside large glass panes to enable big interactive glass surfaces and windows with content.

The same is true with home appliances with smart glass interactive displays. Your oven door becomes a display, house window a smart building control user interface, table top a notification pad – our imagination may have boundaries, the displays do not.

The brightness of the displays is already good enough to enable open air applications too: information signs, HUDs, train windows. Even augmented reality applications, where superimposed information needs to be blended with the background, have been planned. Where would you like to see (and not see) a transparent display next?

The future is transparent – but it may also be flexible and touching

Transparent displays with custom designs – rugged and long lasting as all our displays – offer new possibilities in blending display technology and glass materials. The combination brings new designs to life.

In the future, we will be working with flexible displays that will allow integration into rounded shapes. The next generation glass substrates will allow bending the display once to suit yet another set of new curved display applications. And if a touch UI is what you are after, there are possibilities for that as well.

Even if we at Beneq follow display trends closely, we are sure the future has a few surprises in store for us. If you haven’t yet checked where industrial design students believe transparent displays will be used in the future, you can check their ideas from our Lumineq display vision pages.

Any everyday glass surface can incorporate display capabilities to enable a more interactive world. With transparent Lumineq displays, this is not a futuristic vision anymore. It is reality already today.

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