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Tanks a lot

March 2, 2016

Tanks a lot

Spring is coming, but we still have time for one more story about our durable Lumineq displays in cold and harsh conditions. This example comes from Eurotank Oy, a long-time customer of Lumineq displays.

15 years of Lumineq displays in tough conditions without a single fail

Eurotank designs and makes storage tanks and tank trailers, as well as tank systems and components. They have over 25 years of experience in the haulage industry, and have in common with Beneq a customer-driven attitude where many of the products are tailored to fit the customers’ needs.

Eurotank has been using Lumineq TFEL displays in their Futura product range. Eurotank Futura is an integrated tank vehicle control and monitoring system designed for demanding conditions. It helps the driver of the tanker in all tasks, such as loading, unloading and suction.

Extreme cold, vibration, humidity – a tank trailer is a tough place for a display

Tank vehicles for petroleum transport are a prime example of a demanding outdoor environment where reliability of the monitor screens is critical. The customers need rugged displays that are shock-proof and work in very cold conditions. The displays must work flawlessly in all kinds of weather. They also have to react instantly to present critical information to the operator of the tank system.

Rainer Vänni, Managing Director of Eurotank:

In our products, Lumineq displays are subjected to harsh conditions, including extreme cold, quick temperature changes, vibration and humidity. The performance of the displays is simply excellent. The quality and rugged build is second to none. We haven’t had a display fail in 15 years.” 

Statements like that from our customers make us proud, but also serve as a great reminder that we must remain humble before the extreme conditions our displays are facing. Displays are easy to make if product life cycles don’t matter, but for us at Beneq nothing beats an extreme quality challenge.

A tankful of demanding requirements is what we like.


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