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Transparent displays on display

January 19, 2018

Transparent displays on display

The second half of 2017 was a busy time for Lumineq displays. We had a lot of interesting customer projects in the transportation, mission-critical, marine and aeronautics markets, creating new displays concepts from HUD’s in windshields to durable precision displays for high-end optical devices.

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One specific industry area, where transparent displays really seem to be taking off, are integrated displays in windscreens of large work vehicles, such as agricultural tractors, cargo handling equipment and heavy machinery.

In that area, we have also had public product launches and live demos that nicely show the benefits of truly transparent displays.

Seeing is believing, and only witnessing the transparent Lumineq displays in real life will make you truly appreciate the clarity and transparency of Lumineq displays. These displays really disappear when they are switched off!

For those who haven’t seen the magic of transparency live yet, we have also published several videos that demonstrate the possibilities of increased safety and improved ergonomics in cockpits and other driver environments. In case you missed those, here is a quick summary:

Pilkington introduces Transparent Multi-Purpose Display

Valtra SmartGlass Tractor Windshield

Smart CAB Concept with transparent Lumineq displays

You can find all our recent display videos also from our video page.

From our webpages, you can also find a video about the contents of the so called Lumineq Lamination Introduction Package that explains in more detail how you can get started with your own testing of in-glass laminated transparent displays.

But if you can, try to fit in your schedule a live demonstration. You are always welcome to pay us a visit at our display factory or you can come and meet us in industry events, such as Embedded World 2018.

The transparent Lumineq displays look great on video, but we can promise you that they look even better in real life.

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