Beneq invests in customized and in-glass laminated displays

June 7, 2016

Beneq, the leading global supplier of atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment and thin film coating services, and world's premier manufacturer of thin film electroluminescent displays, today announced further investments and focus on transparent Lumineq displays and the appointment of Petri Schroderus as Vice President.

Lumineq leadership strengthened with Petri Schroderus

The Magic of Transparency™

The fully transparent Lumineq TASEL® displays are the most transparent displays on the market. They combine superior reliability with a unique see-through viewing experience.

Since the launch of the Lumineq TASEL product range, Beneq has seen a growing interest in the subtle look and first-class viewing experience of the TASEL displays and their aesthetics that break the design boundaries of conventional displays.

During the spring, Beneq has already launched a new Custom Display Service and a new Operations unit to further drive the growth of the transparent display sales, introduced new transparent display demos and products, expanded the reseller network, and trained resellers to sell the new in-glass laminated Lumineq displays.

Next the Lumineq business will be developed especially towards customized displays, which are embedded in customers’ products and laminated into glass panes.

Petri Schroderus appointed Vice President, Lumineq Displays

M.Sc. (El. Eng.), eMBA Petri Schroderus (48) has been appointed Vice President, Lumineq Displays at Beneq Oy. In his role, he will be responsible for the business result and development of the Displays business unit in alignment with Beneq’s strategy, with a focus especially on improving the offering of customized and in-glass laminated displays.

Petri has over 20 years of experience from successfully managing demanding product development projects for electrical drives at ABB Oy Drives business division. He has worked with international OEM customers in many countries. From 2002 to 2005 Petri worked for ABB in Switzerland.

Says Petri: “I see great potential in the Lumineq displays, both in the rugged displays for extreme conditions and the amazing fully transparent displays of the TASEL product range. Beneq has a good strategy and a clear plan forward. I am really looking forward to taking the Lumineq business to the next level.”

Custom Displays seen as a major growth area

Beneq’s Custom Display Service has been well received in the market and among the customers. In the custom Lumineq design process, Lumineq displays are available in custom shapes and sizes, both as complete display modules and as glass only. The customers can design their own displays freely and still get all the benefits of Beneq’s proven and robust display technology. If you can draw it, we can make it!

“We see growth opportunities especially with customized and in-glass laminated displays. Petri’s electrical engineering skills, a customer-based way of thinking and systematic working habits are ideally suited to drive our custom display business forward and to take the whole Lumineq business to the next level,” says Beneq’s President Jukka Nieminen.

About Beneq

Beneq is a leading supplier of atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment and thin film coating services, and world's premier manufacturer of thin film electroluminescent displays. Beneq’s rugged, transparent and customized Lumineq® displays are ideal for extreme conditions. They tolerate cold, pressure, shock and vibrations better than any other display type. Transparent Lumineq TASEL® displays combine superior reliability with and a unique crystal clear viewing experience.

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