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Display Opportunities on the Go

May 16, 2016

Display Opportunities on the Go

Transparent Lumineq® TASEL® displays are the most transparent displays in the world (with a transparency of over 80%). It gives them a unique look and feel.

Applications for transparent Lumineq displays: Transportation

We haven’t met a single person yet who would not have liked that look. After the first impression (wow!), people typically start asking questions: how do they work (it is based on electroluminescence), are the contents projected (they are not), how is it possible (it is magic). And quite often after a while: where would you use them?

There is no short answer to that last question. The opportunities created by adding content to a window surface with a see-through display are literally limitless. There are, however, a few application areas, where we see more action at the moment and where a reliable in-glass laminated display makes a lot of sense. One of them is transportation.

In-glass laminated displays for transportation applications in cockpits

Lumineq displays are ready for integration into large glass panes that surround the operators and drivers in trains, buses and other large vehicles. High transparency ensures an unobstructed view to both critical data and the task at hand. When the display is not needed, it does not block the line of sight. It simply disappears.

Many transportation applications also require robustness. Lumineq displays are built to last in harsh environments – hot, cold, humidity, shocks or vibrations – without maintenance. Durability and transparency is the ideal combination for trams, trains, helicopters and airplanes. The same is true for heavy-duty machinery, such as tractors and cranes.

In-glass laminated displays for passengers in buses, trams and trains

In addition to showing vital information to drivers in windshields of large vehicles, transparent displays can also be integrated into side glasses. Train windows could show seating information, timetables, stations and other information relevant to the travelers. Displays in windows could even be showing nearby attractions and other point of interest during the journey.

Again, the display would only be visible when the information is needed. It would not distract the customer. The fact that the displays would only appear when there is something new to announce ensures the message gets the attention it requires.

Capture the magic of transparency

Lumineq TASEL displays break the design boundaries of conventional displays. We are continuously looking for new partners to seamlessly integrate our in-glass laminated Lumineq displays into future products. 

Whether you are a constructor of trains or passenger vehicles, a glass processor or a manufacturer of embedded electronics, you can contact us for a customized TASEL display

We’ve got the looks, you’ve got the apps. Let's make new innovative transportation products!

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