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Experience a new world

February 20, 2018

Experience a new world

Lumineq® Displays are used world-wide in transportation, defense, marine, and aeronautics industries thanks to their reliability and extreme durability. Our integrated displays have created exciting windscreen design opportunities for all types of vehicles and vessels. You can now integrate transparent Lumineq displays even inside agricultural tractor and cargo handling equipment windshields. 

February 27 - March 01, 2018, Nuremburg, Germany

Displaying critical information inside the windshield and in the line of sight is a major safety improvement for vehicle operators, who need to see critical information at a glance.

You now have the opportunity to see the most transparent and reliable displays in the world at Embedded World 2018 in Nuremburg, Germany!

Drop by our stand 148 in Hall 1, and see exactly how transparent the most transparent displays in the world are!

Come and see:

1) Our in-glass laminated displays, which improve safety and help reduce clutter in cockpits, cabins, and other driver environments

2) The world’s most reliable displays, which can easily endure the most extreme conditions and environments

3) Our customizable, window-like displays, which provide transparency and durability beyond any competing technology

To hear more about our new products planned for the year ahead, book a meeting with our experts from our our event page.

See you in Nuremberg!

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