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A Side Story

March 28, 2018

A Side Story

Transparent displays improve safety and ergonomics in vehicle cockpits. We have demonstrated this with our customers and partners several times (see for example Valtra SmartGlass, Pilkington Transparent Multi-Purpose and SmartCAB from our previous blog post about transparent display videos).

Integrating transparent displays in car side windows

But transparent displays inside glass panes can be practical and cool also in vehicle side windows. There are many situations in the life of a car owner and the driver of a work vehicle, where you would benefit from additional information in glass and instructions related to a specific task right where you can easily see them, close to the line of sight.

To demonstrate this option and the benefits of transparent displays that have been laminated inside windows of a car, we joined forces with automotive suppliers and companies from the glass industry and created a vehicle side window demonstrator that uses a transparent Lumineq display. The demonstrator was made in cooperation with Magna, AGP, and PPD, and the side window was created using Corning® Gorilla® Glass.

A transparent Lumineq display was laminated inside a car window that would be placed on the side of the vehicle close to the fueling cap. The display in the demonstrator includes important car service information, and symbols and indicators for washer fluid, oil life and tyre pressure.

Put your display placement troubles aside!

The side of a car is the perfect place to show this kind of service information and car diagnostics that the driver would like to see when stopping at a service station, but integrating a display in an ergonomic position has so far been challenging. Lumineq displays now allow you to put aside those challenges.

In-glass laminated transparent displays enable a completely new way of thinking about car ergonomics and how information should be displayed inside and outside the car. For example users of electric vehicles could see useful information about their car’s status and charging state on a side window at a glance from the outside without entering the vehicle or looking at any app.

You can see images and a video about the side window display demonstrator on our display application pages and video stream.

Should you have any questions or any ideas about where we could use smart side displays, you can always contact us.

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