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How in-glass displays can improve automotive safety

July 16, 2019

How in-glass displays can improve automotive safety

How vehicle windows can save lives

Imagine a speed warning appearing as you drive. A notification your turn indicator is still in use long after you’ve turned a corner.  A message flashing across a windscreen telling a pedestrian the driver is happy for you to cross.

Or, how about an autonomous, self-driving car which can deliver all the above warnings and more?

Sound like something out of a Hollywood movie?

Think again, because, with advancements in in-glass, touch screen technology, it’s notifications like these which could reduce accidents on our roads and avoid fatal collisions with other road users and pedestrians.

How in-glass messaging will change everything

Whether it’s a message on the interior or exterior of a windshield, side window, or an external panel fixed to a door, the safety uses for drivers and pedestrians could be endless, but as well as aiding road safety, they can also help with the little things in life too.

Here’s how in-glass messaging, with the help of OEMs, could change the way we drive and go about our everyday lives.

Driver Benefits

Speed warnings
It’s not uncommon for a driver to be unaware of the speed limit, or not realize how fast they’re going.
However, an in-glass message could provide the driver with details on the speed limit of the road they’re on and the speed they’re going, causing them to slow down and, potentially, save lives.

Lumineq transparent display-Speed Warning-01-960x640Indicator signals
Signaling when turning not only makes pedestrians aware not to step into the road, but it lets other road users know the driver’s intentions too. However, everybody forgets to turn them off at some point - and this is just as dangerous as not signaling.

With in-glass indicators in the driver’s eye-line, it’ll make leaving indicators on a thing of the past.

Blind-spot indicators
Although many cars come with built-in systems to tell the driver how close they are to an object, interior warning systems could help by giving a reading of how close the vehicle is to another car, object or curb - helping them to park or pull away with none of the stress.

Destination and Comfort Break Information
Whether it’s an expected ETA or information for when it’s time for the driver to stop and stretch their legs on a long journey, knowing when to pull into a rest area will help drivers stay focused on the road.

Weather Warnings
Weather can change in an instant, so if there’s heavy rain or snow on the way or patches of ice on the road, smart in-glass windows could help drivers take more care in treacherous conditions or encourage them to take a safer route home.

Lumineq transparent display-Weather Warning-960x640

Picking up a family member, friend or colleague shouldn’t be a stress, but picking them up in a ‘timed’ zone is only free for a short period.

With an in-glass timer, drivers would set the time limit and make sure they never receive a ticket for staying 1-minute over their allotted time again.

When people are in a rush, it can be easy to forget something as routine as picking up groceries or medication. However, with pre-set reminders, the days of sitting down for an evening meal and realising they’ve forgotten to pick it up will be gone for good.

Child and Pet Warnings
A child or pet should never be left in a vehicle unattended. Not only because of the harm which can be done during hot weather, but the risk of the car being stolen with them inside doesn’t bear thinking about.

Flashing a reminder to the driver on the exterior glass or side-panel will help them remember to remove the child or pet from the vehicle.

Lumineq transparent display-Child Warning-01-960x640

However, until the autonomous era arrives, drivers are still just human beings so only the most crucial information should be displayed when the car is in motion.

Pedestrian/Passenger Benefits

Safety messages
As a vehicle approaches and slows, it can be difficult to know if it is slowing to allow a pedestrian to cross, or if it’s slowing down to reduce the risk of a fatal collision should the person step into the road.

With a safety message like ‘Safe to cross’ (visible only to the pedestrian) flashing across the windscreen or side windows, pedestrians can step into the road without endangering their lives. 

This is especially important when eye-contact with the driver is limited or non-existent and will be crucial when the autonomous era arrives.


Windshield Indicators
Although cars come with the usual external indicators, windshield indicators could provide pedestrians with larger notifications of the drivers' intentions.

Price lists
Tariffs on the exterior glass of a taxi or bus can help the passenger know how much their journey will cost, especially if they’re on holiday abroad or in a town or city they’re not used to.

How OEMs can play their part in road safety

There are over 1-billion cars on our roads today, and in a study by SaferAmerica, it’s estimated there are over 1.3-million road fatalities worldwide every year, equal to the entire population of Dallas, Texas.

However, with in-glass technological advancements, led by Lumineq, the opportunity for OEMs to get involved and make our roads a safer place for pedestrians and drivers has never been easier.  Send us your specification and we’ll contact you for your free consultation on how to utilize our displays for your own needs.

Our displays come in a cool, vivid yellow, helping display the most crucial information simply for drivers and pedestrians which catches the eye and maximizes impact.

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