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Ruggedize your rugged displays for the severest conditions

August 1, 2019

Ruggedize your rugged displays for the severest conditions

Extra reliability

Extreme conditions require extreme reliability from all equipment, including displays. Our LUMINEQ® rugged displays have proven themselves time and time again around the world – from the icy winds of the arctic to the smothering humidity of the tropics. All our LUMINEQ rugged displays meet the demands of harsh environment, but if the conditions are even more intense, and you want that extra guarantee, here are some additional options.

Conformal Coating (CC) for protecting electronic circuitry against environment hazards

LUMINEQ rugged displays for extreme conditions can be further protected with conformal coating (CC). It is applied to the electronic circuitry and protects it from hostile or harsh operating environments, including exposure to moisture, chemicals, temperature variations, mechanical vibration, organic attack and other corrosive elements.

By using conformal coating, you can minimize environmental stress on the circuit boards and eliminate potential performance degradation due to environmental hazards. The use of conformal coatings is highly recommended in demanding applications and especially densely packaged portable electronics devices that can be susceptible to environmentally induced failures in the field.

Anti-Reflective film (AR) to reduce reflection for outdoor applications

Anti-Reflective (AR) film provides the ideal solution to reduce glare and to diffuse harsh reflections on screens affected by high ambient light and sunlight. Our LUMINEQ TFEL displays have wide, 179°, viewing angles from any direction. They can even be viewed off-angle and off-axis. When you combine this with AR coating to reduce reflection, you have the perfect display for outdoor locations and high-ambient-light environments.

An Anti-reflective coating can further improve the quality and increase the lifetime of displays by offering greater scratch resistance, durability and a significant resistance to dirt and water.

ITO coating for EMI/RFI shielding

LUMINEQ indium tin oxide (ITO) coating creates a transparent conductive surface on the display. It is often used for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), or Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), shielding. In another word, it can minimize and potentially eliminate RFI and EMI effects, which are especially crucial in mission-critical applications.

The benefit of ordering ITO coating at the same time when you order the display is optimal optical clarity. Laminating the glass during the manufacturing process ensures that optical properties of the display will stay intact. Later add-ons cannot guarantee perfect clarity. Another benefit of LUMINEQ’s ITO is low-resistance compared to most options out there.

Tempered Glass for improved damage resistance

If you desire extra damage resistance for your display, one of the options is to choose tempered glass such as Corning® Gorilla® Glass. Corning Glass is thin, light, and damage-resistant. This chemically strengthened sheet glass gives glass surfaces increased strength and crack-resistance.

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