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LUMINEQ staff feel psychologically safe at work according to the employee survey

February 10, 2023

LUMINEQ staff feel psychologically safe at work according to the employee survey

The recent LUMINEQ employee survey showed that people feel safe and supported at work. The survey was conducted by a third-party consulting company in November 2022 with a response rate of 85%. 

The satisfaction ratings in the area of inclusive management and psychological safety are above the benchmarked average for knowledge-intensive companies in the consulting company’s customer database. 

92% of the employees say they can always count on the help and support of colleagues.

89% of employees say that they have a good team spirit.

85% of the people say that they can all safely highlight grievances and challenges.

82% of the employees receive adequate support from their supervisors for their work.

80% of the employees say their supervisors are genuinely interested in their opinions and intervene in problem situations, if necessary.

LUMINEQ employees responded favorably to the team spirit and community support. The vast majority feel that they make improvements to their operations together, tasks are allocated appropriately, they are appreciated in the work community, and their cooperation with other units of the company is smooth.

The survey results showed LUMINEQ employees speak very highly of the inclusive management and the support they receive from their supervisors.

According to the survey results, LUMINEQ employees were proud of the functionality of teamwork, the content of work, supervisor work, the well-being of work, occupational safety, customer focus, and work processes and practices.

While responses from the LUMINEQ staff rated above benchmarks on the major employee experience questions where the consulting firm had benchmarks available, the survey also identified some further improvement opportunities, including tools and instruments, clear policies to deliver the best customer experience, information about individual work, and clear goals and objectives of individual work. The survey also revealed some differences in the employee experience by unit.

In the open feedback, many employees state that they can freely express themselves, their voices are heard, and people care for each other at work.

The survey results were reported and discussed in detail on a company level and within units at Lumineq Oy, in order to further improve the overall work environment.  

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