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lumineq honors employees for their dedication through years of service award

December 15, 2021

lumineq honors employees for their dedication through years of service award

December 15, 2021, Espoo – Lumineq Oy, a premium manufacturer of transparent displays for vehicles and optical devices, granted "The Year Medal of Merit" to eight employees for their long and continuous service in the company. It has been the company’s tradition to recognize employees when they hit their work anniversaries (10, 15, 20+ years of service).

Lumineq christmas party 2021

Employees with anniversaries in 2021 were honored as follows:

Niina Malmström 30 years of service

Pauli Aaltonen 25 years of service

Sakari Laurikainen 25 years of service

Ari Tervonen 25 years of service

Lea Hälinen 25 years of service

Matti Kallio 25 years of service

Lauri Linder 25 years of service

Pirjo Veijola 25 years of service

”The commitment of our employees is crucial to our business because it ensures that we deliver the world’s most reliable display products to customers. We are proud to have so many loyalty people as part of our work family.” Says Petri Schroderus, the President of Lumineq Oy.

Voices of the honorees

Ari Tervonen – Business Line Manager of In-Glass Displays

“I have had multiple roles during the path, from manufacturing technology, quality to sales – just to mention a few. What I like is that I have gained plenty of knowledge and experience from different perspective, while traveling through roles from supply chain to customer interface. “

“Despite lots of changes in the past 25 years the core of our business - bringing solutions that meet customer needs and being part of the high-tech industry – has remained the same. I enjoy the international work environment and the very welded team here at Lumineq.”

Untitled designAri Tervonen is shooting product photos and videos

Matti Kallio – Production Technician

“My career with EL displays started in glass production, in encapsulation to be more precise. A few years later I was offered a role of technical support in the same area, and then in display assembling. One day, not knowing exactly how it all had happened, I noticed that my hands were deeper and deeper in product data management. I enjoy it and I truly think it’s what I am best at. I am still supporting production in technical issues when necessary. But our operators are experienced professionals and don’t need my services much.”

“In the past 25 years, organization charts, company owners, logos, some wall painting colors, office and production lay-outs have changed several times. New product lines have been created. But fundamental things like good work atmosphere and people with good attitude have remained through the years in spite of all the changes around.”

“I like working independently. I appreciate that I have been given opportunities to expand my expertise and learn new things.”

Pauli Aaltonen – Business Line Manager of Rugged Displays

“I have primarily been responsible for customer technical support and product management of various product lines, but I have also designed demo equipment and written software. In my 25 years with the display business, the best part has been working with customers and colleagues. The company spirit has been very positive, even in the most challenging times.”

Sakari Laurikainen – Head of Logistics

“I started with the company in January 1996 as a manufacturing operator in the cleanroom, working in lithography, ITO-, metal- and ICE-sputtering processes. In 2008 I moved from cleanroom to the office, taking on different roles in supply chain and sales operations. I like that our company has given us possibilities to take different roles.”

About Lumineq Oy

Lumineq Oy is a premium manufacturer of the world’s most rugged and transparent displays for vehicles and optical devices. As part of Beneq Group Oy, Lumineq has been innovating new display technology since 1984 and developed the world’s most transparent displays in recent years. LUMINEQ transparent displays improve safety and situational awareness by bringing dynamic information to the line of sight. They also empower automotive manufacturers to deliver premium travel experience by turning vehicle windows into touch displays.                                                                           

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