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Safety through transparency

November 14, 2016

Safety through transparency

One of the main events in the world of transportation technology is the InnoTrans trade fair that takes places every second year in Berlin, Germany. InnoTrans 2016 is about to start and our transparent and customized Lumineq displays will once again be the eye-catchers of the show. 

Come and see new concepts of in-glass laminated transparent displays

This year’s focus for Beneq at InnoTrans will be in-glass laminated display applications. In-glass laminated Lumineq displays add value to windows and improve the safety and ergonomics of vehicles.

Lumineq displays are the most transparent displays in the world, and the only displays that can be laminated in windshields and other large glass panels without obstructing the view. Even when laminated, Lumineq displays have transparency values of over 70%, which allows the window panes with laminated transparent displays to adhere with typical vehicle glass transparency requirements.

Better vehicle safety with transparent displays

Integrating transparent Lumineq displays in vehicle windscreens has many benefits, but the most obvious ones are safety and ergonomics.

The fact that Lumineq displays become invisible when they are not in use permits placing the displays right in front of the eyes of the driver. This makes transparent Lumineq displays perfect for safety applications that require displaying warning symbols and messages in the line of sight where they are impossible to miss. When warning indicators are not needed, the display disappears and does not block the view.

Reduce clutter and improve driver ergonomics

Transparent displays also improve ergonomics of cockpits and driver environments of work vehicles. The amount of information, signals, displays and meters shown to operators of large vehicles, trains and trams is constantly increasing. Laminating transparent displays in the windshield, dashboards and side windows reduces clutter in the cockpit and allows a clearer view of the surroundings.

In demanding work conditions and cabins of off-highway vehicles, especially in off-road use, blurred vision and fuzzy displays may decrease driver ergonomics and compromise safety. In-glass laminated Lumineq displays remain crystal-clear even when the vehicle is shaking and tolerate shocks and vibration better than other HUD display technologies. Lumineq displays can also be integrated in vertical windshields, save space in the dashboard and have a very wide viewing angle. This allows building head-up displays (HUD) in areas where traditional HUD displays do not work.

Capture the magic of transparency!

For more information and an incredible see-through viewing experience, visit our customers at InnoTrans 2016. You can find our displays at booth 402 in Hall 2.1 (ANNAX Anzeigesysteme GmbH) and booth 216 in Hall 5.1 (Pilkington Automotive).

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