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IVT Expo, June 29-30, 2022, Cologne

June 1, 2022

IVT Expo, June 29-30, 2022, Cologne

LUMINEQ will exhibit at the IVT Expo (Industrial Vehicle Technology) in Cologne, Germany during June 29-30, 2022. The Business Line Manager of In-Glass Displays Ari Tervonen will give a speech at the conference regarding different head-up display (HUD) solutions on the first day of the event.

At IVT Expo, LUMINEQ will showcase a few transparent display demos including VariusGauge, keypad, and slider. 


VariusGauge is an ideal head-up display demonstrator for industrial vehicle manufacturers who are interested in evaluating LUMINEQ transparent display technology and creating prototypes. VariusGauge displays various relevant driving/operation information for the driver/operator, such as speed, RPM, energy consumption (Volts), PSI, basic navigation, oil level, warning, and etc. 


Transparent Keypad for keyless entry to vehicles

ELT52S-07NC-KEYPAD is a transparent touch display ready for lamination into a larger piece of glass. This solution comes with the display glass, FPC (flex cable) and driving electronics. With this display, vehicle maker can bring a fully transparent keypad solution for applications using authorized coded entry in vehicles.

  • 12 buttons and 4 x 7-digit segments
  • Interface of the display is CANDownload ELT52S-07NC-KEYPAD datasheet  

Slider touch control


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