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Embedded World in Nuremberg

June 20-23, 2022

Embedded World in Nuremberg

Visit LUMINEQ booth 1-148 in Hall 1 and witness the coolest transparent display technology at Embedded World in Nuremberg during June 20-23, 2022. 

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In the past few years our team has made great progresses in technology advancements and demo development. We are so excited to be onsite again and present our latest innovations in person after a long wait!

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Transparent touch displays

Let it be a transparent keypad for access control to vehicles, office rooms, and premises, or an in-glass light control system, or an embedded transparent control panel to dim your car windows. LUMINEQ enables you to utilize every piece of glass to its full potential, to break the traditional design boundary, to wow your customers, and to stand out from the competition.


The touch sensors of the LUMINEQ transparent touch displays are integrated directly in the functional display layer. So no additional touch layer is required. 

In-glass displays for CASE vehicles


LUMINEQ has actively engaged with automotive customers working on innovative solutions for CASE (connected, autonomous, shared, and electric cars). We are eager to share how innovative display technology helps vehicle manufacturers to rethink entire design layouts, emphasizing efficiency, style and ergonomics.

Head-up displays

LUMINEQ in-glass HUD allows vehicle makers to display essential information directly on the windshield, improving safety and ergonomics while requiring no extra space. It offers an innovative alternative to the traditional projected HUD. 

Our solution has been adopted by the Chengdu metro line 9 in China, Honda CRF450 motorbike, and an European tram line. At Embedded World, we will showcase a few off-the-shelf HUD demonstrations and standardized LUMINEQ driver board for custom display designs. 


Mass production-ready digital reticle for scopes

We've received lots of requests for our latest reticle display product ELT119S-RETICLE, which was unveiled at SHOT Show in January for the first time. Come check it out!

Learn more about designing transparent vehicle displays!

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