Appointments in Lumineq Leadership

April 20, 2016

Beneq changes organization according to its strategy by forming an Operations unit common to both businesses (Thin Film Equipment and Lumineq Displays). The Operations unit will be responsible for product manufacturing, delivery, procurement and related sales operations. Growth is seen especially within Coating Services and Custom Displays.

Beneq Introduces a New Way of Operating and a Company-wide Operations Unit

Operations will support Beneq’s change by focusing especially on:
1) the Coating Services delivery process
2) improving manufacturing capability for Custom Displays
3) development of sourcing functions for both business units
4) improvement of yield and productivity, and
5) the promotion of multi-skilled workforce.

New VP of Operations, New Leaders for Lumineq Sales and Technology Teams

Jari-Pekka Tiesmäki has been appointed Vice President, Operations, and will lead the new Operations unit. J-P has a strong background in operative assignments and experience from both ALD equipment and the Lumineq display business.

In connection with the organization change, also the Lumineq business unit has been reorganized and will comprise Sales and Technology teams. Ari Tervonen has been appointed Head of Sales and Jukka Lammi Head of Technology for Lumineq displays.

The Lumineq business will be developed especially towards customized displays, which are embedded in customers’ products. Growth opportunities are seen especially with in-glass laminated displays.


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