Display Innovations at InnoTrans 2018, Berlin

September 17, 2018

Vision Systems, a supplier of solutions for the aeronautic, land transport and marine markets, is presenting its innovative dimmable window and on-board entertainment system at InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin this week.

Vision Systems incorporates Lumineq display technology

The highly sophisticated Vision Systems dimmable window incorporates multiple technologies, including the latest Lumineq® Displays technology; the ELT160.60.100-07NC display and Lumineq Touch technology.

Drop by the Vision Systems stand 225 (Hall 1.1) at InnoTrans 2018, and see this latest innovation in transportation design!

Vision Systems's innovative dimmable window system, which incorporates the
Lumineq ELT160.60.100-07NC display and Lumineq Touch technology

Meet LUMINEQ at InnoTrans 2018

Thomas Koch, Area Sales Director at Beneq Lumineq Displays, will be at InnoTrans 2018 during Tuesday - Thursday (18 - 20 September). Thomas would be happy to meet you and tell you more about the ELT160.60.100-07NC display, Lumineq Touch technology and other Lumineq display products.

To set up a meeting at InnoTrans 2018, call Thomas at +49 171 146 5173, or send him email at thomas.koch@beneq.com.

LUMINEQ matrix display

The Lumineq ELT160.60.100-07NC is a unique matrix display that serves as a transparent display in window laminates, for example in vehicular windshields and windscreens.What makes this  Lumineq matrix display so unique is the ease of showing, creating and testing content, and prototyping display use cases. You can change the display content through its versatile SPI interface. This makes, for example, prototyping in-glass-laminated displays incredibly easy, quick, and less expensive than designing and iterating segmented displays in the laminate over and over again.

Lumineq in-glass laminated example of the .100 display at Embedded World 2018,
 running a standard animated demo available in the Lumineq.100 Demo Kit

Touch-enabled Lumineq transparent displays

The new Lumineq touch technology (Lumineq Touch) opens endless possibilities for applications requiring touch enabled transparent displays.

The new Lumineq Touch technology is integrated into the Lumineq transparent display technology and does not make the display glass panel any thicker, heavier, more complex, or any less durable. Lumineq Touch uses unique In-Cell PCAP where the touch sensors are integrated directly in the already existing functional layers of the display technology.


Touch enabled Lumineq transparent display concept

Learn more at InnoTrans 2018, Berlin. Set up a meeting with Thomas Koch, Area Sales Director at Beneq Lumineq, and also visit the Vision Systems stand 225 (Hall 1.1) to see their new dimmable window, which incorporates the Lumineq ELT160.60.100-07NC display and new Lumineq Touch technology!

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