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Intelligent design for smartwatches

September 18, 2017

Intelligent design for smartwatches

Watches are experiencing a retro-heritage boom as the Insta generation has turned its smartphone lens to classic timepieces. Remakes of classic '50s designs are taking advantage of the retro wave, and even haute horlogerie is getting hot with younger consumers moving into the fine timepiece market.

Wristwatch evolution with transparent displays

This year we've also seen a shift in the old-school luxury wristwatch world as LVMH and Montblanc joined TAG Heuer in the luxury smartwatch category. There's plenty of room for competition here, as many luxury watch companies have yet to join the smartwatch wagon. One reason for this hesitancy may be due to the perceived notion that you have to compromise on style when incorporating new technology with contemporary designs.

With Transparent Lumineq® TASEL® displays, you have the luxury of designing a smartwatch display without compromising on aesthetics.

Keep it small and light, or add more scalability

With transparent displays, you have the freedom to innovate new display shapes and design mission-specific smartwatches to cater to the needs of different target groups.

You can keep the design subtle and combine classic designs with new technology without shouting out that you're going digital. Or you can add more riff and lean towards the technological future of more purpose-built technological services and apps. It's your choice!

Free design and high accuracy laser cutting for your display

At Beneq we can cut the displays into any shape you need, we have free-shape glass cutting with superior accuracy. And if needed, holes can also be made in the display. You now have the freedom to design any display shape, as well as acurate positioning of the display in the watch.

We also have free-form segment designs with an extremely high level of detail available for icon design.

Transparent Lumineq watch displays are clear as glass

Transparent displays have uniquely high - over 80% -  transparency. The transparency is so close to that of the watch glass itself, that you don't notice the additional display or luminating icons or segments when the display is not in use. The additional display simply becomes invisible.

Low power consumption and small electronics with transparent displays

Our transparent thin-film electroluminescent displays are built using emissive technology, so only the segments that are lit up use power. This means very low power consumption, as the display, lit area and brightness use only a few milliwatts.

Made to survive tough environments

Our transparent thin-film electroluminescent displays are among the most reliable display technologies - you get glass-like transparency combined with robustness made for the toughest environments.

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