Keep your eyes on the horizon

October 25, 2017

Transparent Lumineq displays can provide over 80% transmission values. They are ideal for delivering safety information in the line of sight, and invisible when they're not in use, so they don’t block your view. That’s Lumineq transparency.

Transparent displays for naval bridges

Whether you’re navigating along the Grand Canal, sailing the seven seas, ferrying passengers along urban waterways, or transporting container vessel cargos to busy harbors, you’ll want navigational information easily accessible while keeping an eye on the horizon.

Maritime safety with transparent displays

Visibility and situational awareness are crucial, and to make the right decisions fast, you’ll want to see important information at a single glance.
Modern technology can be indispensable for delivering information quickly and constantly, but that information flow can easily turn into a flood when multiple displays continuously deliver data. 

How can you view critical information with multiple displays and gadgets competing for your attention? The most obvious solution is to place the critical data in your line of sight – in the command bridge window.

Lumineq® transparent displays are ideal for delivering safety information; a warning sign is easy to see when it’s in your line of sight.
And our transparent displays are invisible when they're not in use, so they don’t block your view.

There’s transparency, and then there’s Lumineq transparency

OLED displays and LCD displays are often called transparent, and in the retail application world that may be accurate, sort of. But the best OLED or transparent LCD displays currently on the market have much lower transmissivity values than Lumineq transparent displays.

In the world of transportation, transparency requirements are at a very high level. There are strict transparency requirements for windscreens and windshields - the minimum requirement for light transmission in vessel and vehicular windshields can be as high as 70%.

Our Lumineq transparent displays can provide over 80% transmission values, easily meeting the 70% transparency requirement. That’s Lumineq transparency.

Made to brave the elements

Our transparent thin-film electroluminescent displays are among the most reliable display technologies - you get glass-like transparency combined with robustness that withstand the roughest of weather.

You can trust our displays to perform in even the toughest of conditions and help you master situation awareness (SA).

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