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Welcome to visit LUMINEQ headquarters in Finland again

November 17, 2021

Welcome to visit LUMINEQ headquarters in Finland again

One of our customers flew from Germany last week to visit our headquarters here in Espoo, Finland. It has been a long wait for the onsite customer visits since the global pandemic. We were excited to welcome our guests and show them around our recently renovated office.

Our four-floor office building is located close to the Nittykumpu metro station, an 18-minute metro ride to Helsinki downtown. As part of Beneq Group, Lumineq Oy continues to share factory and office space with our sister company Beneq Oy. But we made some visual upgrades to the office, incorporating LUMINEQ branding into the whole design.

When you enter the building, you will see a large wall poster that reflects three strategic market areas we currently focus on:

  1. Head-up displays for transportation
  2. CASE: connected, autonomous, shared, and electric vehicles
  3. Optics: reticles and night vision devices


Our vision is to build a safer life and improved awareness with “the magic of transparency.”

On the second floor, our demo area has a new look and feel.


We took away the old static chart that illustrates the production process of our rugged displays. Instead, we play dynamic videos to showcase various scenarios where transparent displays bring magic and explain how our technology works.

Our demo collection has added new demos, including keypad touch demo ELT52S-07NC-KEYPAD, electric vehicle charging demo ELT41S-PEAK, and optics demo ELT32S-RETICLE-BAT.

Then it comes the brand-new photo wall. It consists of sixteen images printed on Aluminum Dibond. We can stand in front of the photo wall and easily explain to our customers how transparent displays are used in different applications by pointing to the relevant use case image.


Going one floor up, you will meet our people who work in the open space in different sections by departments, such as business team, technology team, operation team, and etc.


We are all set to welcome onsite visits to our headquarters in Finland!


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