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Smart Cockpits

November 8, 2017

Smart Cockpits

Agritechnica 2017 starts next Sunday in Hannover, Germany, and there is a lot to see, or as we are talking about transparent diplays: a lot to see through.

Lumineq Displays in Smart CAB concept at Agritechnica

Last week we already introduced smart windshields that will be shown for the first time at Agritechnica, but there is more.

Lumineq Displays is an associate supplier of the CAB Concept Cluster, a platform founded in 2014 by experienced OEM suppliers, TU Dresden University of Technology and various global innovators and associations. Focus of the cluster is on manufacturers of construction equipment, agricultural vehicles and industrial forklift trucks with the objective to bundle innovations close-to-production in joint projects to showcase the potential of efficient systems integration.

In Agritechnica, the cluster will introduce the Smart CAB, a multi functional cabin for harvesters, field sprayers and other agriculture equipment for smart farming. The project has focused on the most critical aspects of smart farming: flexibility, profitability, maximum safety. LUMINEQ Displays has worked with the cluster members, such as Fritzmeier Group and Hella, to integrate transparent LUMINEQ displays in the cabin concept to be presented. 

The Smart CAB project is testimonial of what is already possible and will become reality in the near future in vehicle cockpits, and it has focused on critical aspects of smart farming: flexibility, profitability and maximum safety. The transparent Lumineq displays in the cabin are part of an exceptional high-performance CAN structure that allows smooth interaction between the driver and the machine.

“Looking into the future always means playing with ideas. The Smart CAB bundles ideas that clearly benefit users,” concludes Fritz Schadeck, Vice President at Fritzmeier Cabs.

The Smart CAB will be showcased at Agritechnica from 12th to 18th November 2017 in Hall 17/booth D53. A must see if you are interested in transparent displays and the future of cockpits.

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