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Vehicle Design Opportunities

November 13, 2017

Vehicle Design Opportunities

Agritechnica 2017 has started today and it really looks like a breakthrough event for transparent Lumineq displays in the cockpits of work vehicles.

Pilkington Introduces Transparent Multi-purpose Display

We presented earlier in this blog smart windshields and smart cockpits, which are being shown for the first time in Agritechnica in Hannover during next week, but there is still more:

Pilkington Automotive Finland is also showing new applications of transparent Lumineq displays at their stand. We have been working with Pilkington’s Specialised Transport unit to improve driver environments and vehicle manufacturer design opportunities, and this time we are showing an in-glass laminated matrix display.

Image quality is crystal clear and the readability excellent regardless of temperature as always with Lumineq displays, but the matrix display in-glass also provides the opportunity to customize the content for any vehicle and all communications requirements. The fact that the display is transparent allows the contents to be transposed to show information to the outside of the cabin. Pilkington has also added adjustable dimming for the display light power, which is great for varying working and lighting conditions.

The new windscreen solution from Pilkington is available immediately and it can be customized for any vehicle. It is also possible to include several transparent displays in one windshield for a full solution.

The Pilkington demo can be seen at Pilkington Automotive Finland stand in Agritechnica (Hall 17, stand B15).

You can also find more information and a nice video about the possibilities of the transparent displays in a windscreen on the Pilkington event website.

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