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IWA OutdoorClassics, Nuremburg

March 3-6, 2022

IWA OutdoorClassics, Nuremburg

LUMINEQ Displays will be exhibiting at the IWA 2022 during March 3-6 in Nuremburg. Welcome to visit our booth Ü3C-14 in the New Comer Area in between Hall 1 and Hall 3C. We will demonstrate our latest digital reticle innovations and transparent display starter-kit for scope manufacturers.

Visit LUMINEQ booth Ü3C-14 in hall EING3C

LUMINEQ booth Ü3C-14 at IWA 2022

Digital scopes that provide dynamic reticle and critical information for precise aiming are the next innovation in hunting optics. 

Digital Reticle ELT119S-RETICLE

Ultra-rugged with excellent transmission and optical properties, the standard digital reticle display allows line-of-sight deployment at the focal point without sacrificing the optical quality or reliability of the scopes. At IWA, we will showcase our latest mass production-ready digital reticle display ELT119S-RETICLE.

Scope manufacturers can evaluate and prototype LUMINEQ displays with great ease by using the Transparent Reticle Display starter-kit that integrates easily into existing optical lens systems for real world evaluation and testing of the technology. 

Transparent display for optics comparison 1920x1080


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If you want to understand more about our displays for optics application, check out our past webinar recording, or read our blog post that summarized key takeaways of our webinar.

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